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Paizo Announces Starfinder RPG

*looks up and sees the sun* Found one!
Ok, so Starfinder isn't quite that. What it is, though, is a new RPG game from Paizo (mostly known for the Pathfinder fantasy RPG). Well, now you can take all that fantasy adventuring and head up into the skies. Already a fan of and know the lore for Pathfinder? Well, you're ahead of the game, as Starfinder takes place thousands of years in that setting's future.

“Starfinder is set in the solar system of Pathfinder’s home world of Golarion, but far in a possible future—one in which the gods have mysteriously spirited Golarion away to an unknown location, and refuse to answer questions about it,” says James L. Sutter, Starfinder’s creative director. “In its place, the cultures of that world have evolved and spread throughout the solar system, especially to a vast space platform called Absalom Station. Gifted access to a hyperspace dimension by an ascended AI deity, the residents of the system suddenly find themselves with the ability to travel faster than light, and the race is on to explore and colonize potentially millions of worlds. But there are horrors out there in the darkness.”

The launch of the game will be at Gen Con 2017 (yes, it's still a ways off). There will be a 500-page Core Rulebook, as well as various other player and GM accessories. Ongoing support will come from the Starfinder Adventure Path Line, a monthly campaign adventure with new planets, starships, character options, and more for you to add to your game.

While the games will be separate, it will be easy for you to bring characters and monsters from one into the other.