Paizo and WizKids launch Pathfinder pre-painted minis

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
May 25th, 2011

Kyra WizKids and Paizo have announced a new range of pre-painted fantasy miniatures based on the Pathfinder RPG.

From their announcement:

Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games announce a new partnership whereby WizKids Games will produce a special set of pre-painted plastic miniatures for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box, an introductory boxed set slated to release in October 2011.

“We’re excited to bring the Pathfinder property to life via 3-D pre-painted fantasy miniatures” said Lax Chandra, President of WizKids Games, “Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG has emerged as a leader in the RPG category and we are looking forward to working with their great brand.”

“WizKids essentially created the pre-painted plastic miniatures category, and they’ve only gotten better in the years since,” said Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens. “We are thrilled to work with WizKids to bring our iconic characters to tabletops all over the world.”

Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box pre-painted fantasy miniatures will be available at and through WizKids distribution partners worldwide starting in the fourth quarter of 2011.

  • PanzerKraken

    Have Wizkids really “gotten better in the years since”

    Everything I’ve seen of even recent stuff still looked pretty awful, and eyes still allude them.

    • The AT-43 stuff was the best pre-paints I have ever seen.

      • Osbad

        But they were nothing to do with Wizkids. They were Rackham> All they did was prove how poor Wizkids were at doing prepaints.

  • Grim6

    I don’t know, this model looks pretty good. If you click through to the large picture here you can see the eyes even have little tattoos beneath them. Much better than some of the other things I’ve seen. Certainly better than the Gears of War Clix…

    I’m very interested to see how well this fares. I loved the DnD minis – they had so many uses and could be generally gotten for a reasonable price per mini. It’s too bad they went away. It will be interesting if Paizo and Wizkids can beat the “Curse of the Pre-Paints”. (RIP AT-43, Confrontation, DnD Minis, Axis and Allies, Mage Knight, Star Wars minis… etc)

    • Zac

      I don’t know, this model looks pretty good.

      I suspect that it is a paint master or 3D render

      • Grim6

        Hmmm… dash my hopes, huh? 🙂

      • It states in the article that it is a 3D painted miniature.

        “We’re excited to bring the Pathfinder property to life via 3-D pre-painted fantasy miniatures.”

  • Grim6

    I meant to add in that a quick wash would make it outstanding – I wonder how well these models will accept washes?

  • TMK

    People tend to be a bit delusional in their expectations from pre-paints.

    If you want well painted minis, pay top dollar to an artist or painting service, or learn to paint yourself.

    • PanzerKraken

      It’s not about being delusional, but merely the wizkids basically have been some of the worse when it came to quality of prepaints compared to what others have offered.

      • Hunter

        The Dip fixes all…

  • Darsc Zacal

    I hope this new agreement between the two companies doesn’t affect Reapers ability to continue their own metal line of Pathfinder mini’s.

    • I agree. My understanding is this is just for the beginner set. Although, a partnering here could lead to more contracts down the road.

      However, Reaper also has prepaints, so why didn’t Paizo use Reaper in this case?

  • clutch

    If the paint job is good is not the issue. The fact that it is pre-painted and marketed toward RPG players means that this will be a big seller. As a retailer, I have people all the time looking for pre-painted minis for their games. These are not people that normally buy miniature games, so quality isn’t on the top of their list. They want stuff they can open and get on the table.

    Kudos to Paizo for taking the outcast idea from WOTC and making a mint of it.

  • Nemesis

    Any knews of the relaunched Mage Knight Licence or the LOTR licence?
    Many announcements but few releases except for Heroclix.

    • PanzerKraken

      And the Star Trek games

      • The Grey Knight

        The star Trek away team game supposed to be out around Gen Con, the star trek ship battle game is supposed to be out last quarter of the year.

    • The Grey Knight

      LoTR is this fall…

    • The Grey Knight

      And Mage Knight only has a board game announced so far.

  • Zoltan5

    Wow, Paizo can’t seem to settle for how or who they want to do their minis…. First Croc then reaper now pre-paints from WK.

    I was upset when the license went from Croc to Reaper, but I can understand it. Here’s hoping these pre-paints don’t affect the Reaper minis, because I think no more metal would be a mistake….

    But then again, what do I know?

    • Veritas

      Unfortunately, the Croc has always had timeliness issues so I wasn’t surprised when Paizo jumped ship to Reaper. I love Croc’s minis, but they move at a glacial pace when it comes to releases.

      • Zoltan5

        An unfortuante side effect of being such a small company.

  • JoeGKushner

    They probably went with WizKids because despite the awesome job Reaper brings to the table in terms of the metal, they have been incredibly slow to advance with their own line of prepaints. This isn’t a jab at Reaper. Look at their own forums. They have a catchphrase for it… ‘Soon’. If you need to hit a deadline with this type of material, Wizkids has the experience, contacts, and ability to put it in a price point Paizo can package. The Reaper prepaints are not inexpensive.

  • Tre Manor

    Reaper has very little control over when pre paints actually become availible. The Manufacturer in CHina holds ALL of those cards.

    As to this…. the pic is VERY clearly photoshopped. No way in hell that is an actual prepaint or that the pre paints will look anywhere near that ” good “. Sorry guys, no way at all.

  • WizKids figures never look as good in person and their PR photos. And their quality will vary considerably. Remember, these are being painted by many young Chinese women is indentured servitude settings, usually paid per piece painted. Quality is not always Job 1. They are cheap toys. BTW I have 100s of WK figures from day 1 in MK, MW, HC, PotSM, and more.