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Painting workshops at RPC 2011

Brueckenkopf Online will be organizing painting workshops for the demo area at RPC 2011. From their announcement:
The Wargaming Demo Aera T3G doesn't only cover demo tables but Painting workshops / classes as well. You are just starting with the miniature hobby or have been with it for a while and have questions about miniatures, painting techniques or basing? We have the people with answers at the RPC! On both days you can ask our crew of well known miniature painters all the questions you have. Beside the miniature painters we also have artists with knowledge of drawing, canvas painting and Anime / Garage Kits at the workshop. Saturday and Sunday there will be open workshops around the topic of miniature painting for wargaming. Paints, brushes and miniatures will be covered by us and you can even take your miniature with you after the workshop / event. The times for the workshops will be announced at the booth for both days. If you like, you are free to bring your own paints, brushes or miniatures with you. In addition with the workshops there will be speedpainting contest, along with other fun events. For the speedpainting we cover the paints, brushes, miniatures and spending a great time as well. Visit the wargaming demo area, presented by Brueckenkopf Online, at the RPC 2011 on 7th + 8th of May in Hall 2 of Koeln Messe in Cologne.