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Painting Buddha Season 2: Randalf Streisand and the sky-pirates from almost outer space

Painting Buddha has a new goblin bust for per-order over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Welcome to the world of Randalf Streisand and the Skypirates from almost outer space!

Celebrating its second anniversary, Painting Buddha is ready - and very excited - to announce SEASON 2. And in the 'Year of the Pirate' they begin Season 2 with the release of a beautiful bust of the not-yet-quite-world-famous Goblin mechanic "Randalf Streisand".

Painting busts has become very popular over the last couple of years - and for a good reason: because it's fun!

That is why Painting Buddha has created this very special bust of 'Randalf Streisand' for miniature painters: A bust that is not only fun to paint, but also has been especially designed to teach you how to paint all kinds of materials and textures, such as: skin, leather, metal, glass, fur, cloth and even wood, if you so desire! It offers plenty of room for free-hands and weathering as well.

Beginners will find it very easy to paint Randalf while advanced painters will be able to apply all their mad skillz!

Being known for the best miniature painting instruction videos and DVDs available today, Painting Buddha of course also offers an 1080p HD masterclass painting instruction video that can be both streamed as well as downloaded to a multitude of devices.

Both, the bust of Randalf Streisand as well as the video are available for pre-order now!

Retailer inquires welcome.