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Painting Buddha releases next Academy videos

Painting Buddha continues to elevate the level of your colorful goop application skill with their next set of videos.



From the announcement:

Since the start of the Painting Buddha Academy not even 7 weeks ago, Painting Buddha has already released 8 masterclass miniature painting videos for their 'Academy'.

Part 4 and 5 of "Episode II - Horus" introduce the students to painting Horus' red cape (with free-hands) and to painting fur on Horus' wolf pelt.

What's even better, is that Painting Buddha just hit the first of seven 'stretch-goals' in what they call 'Operation Pressure Drop' - an initiative to make masterclass miniature painting videos even more affordable.

With the first stretch goal, the 'highly unstable' price of 42€ for 42+ videos has been temporarily lowered from 42 to 35€ for the whole semester! Click here.

And for those who cannot afford it at all, Painting Buddha even offers most of the content for free on their YouTube "Painting Buddha Community College" channel.

But then again, who wants to live free forever....

JOIN the Academy today and BE a BETTER painter!