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Painting Buddha releases Horus Masterclass Video

Painting Buddha helps you become the best painter you can be with the release of their Horus Masterclass Video.



From the release:

Painting Buddha continues to publish free masterclass videos in their Painting Buddha Community College on YouTube.

The promise to deliver 14 masterclass episodes at three parts each - to deliver a total of 42 free videos - was broken in the second Episode already.

Instead of the promised three parts, Episode II - "Horus", in which quadruple-slayer-sword-winners Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish paint Forge World's Horus, Painting Buddha delivers SEVEN parts!

More than promised for free?

Miniature painters and gamers that would like to support this idea are invited to join the Painting Buddha Academy, which offers three crazy enrollment levels: Big Bruddha, Gold Brick and Multipass.