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Painting Buddha releases free online painting instruction videos

Painting Buddha has posted up a starter painting video up free online. They're going to be making a series out of it, so be sure to subscribe.



From the announcement:

After one year of Painting Buddha DVDs and unparalleled support from the community, Painting Buddha is entering 'Phase 2' of their plans for the miniature painting and gaming community.

A small sneak-peak of the things to come is a FREE competition-level Painting instruction for a Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Ork Burna Boy, painted by tripple Slayer Sword winner Ben Komets.

To the question whether there would be more free videos like this, the answer was "If you SHARE & ENJOY them, they will come!"

Next week, Painting Buddha will reveal more details on this initiative. "Be a better painter", follow us on Facebook!