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Painting Buddha Legends - Masterclass video with Kirill "Yellow One" Kanaev

Painting Buddha is previewing their new Masterclass video. This one's with Kirill "Yellow One" Kanaev.


From the announcement:

On its 2nd anniversary Painting Buddha proudly presents a new series of master-class videos titled 'Painting Buddha Legends'.

And it is their pleasure and privilege to introduce a truly legendary painter, Kirill "Yellow One" Kanaev, to you.

Kirill certainly is one of the legendary painters that beginners as well as the most accomplished painters look up to. For years and decades now, Kirill has pushed the limits and boundaries of miniature painting and in the process inspired many of us to try to 'BE a BETTER painter'.

For the first time ever, Painting Buddha was able to film Kirill as he takes you step-by-step through the creation of an absolute masterpiece - the Highland Clansman by Young Miniatures.

His specialty is the creation of hyper-realistic textures and in this video you will learn how to paint life-like skin, eyes full of expression, vibrant hair (and beard!), incredibly textured fabrics, stunning leather and two types of intricate tartan patters only using Acrylics.

The most astonishing thing about Kirill's style, however, is that it is surprisingly reproducible - even for beginners!

This video will not only take your painting skills to the next level, it will boost your motivation to try his techniques yourself and BE a BETTER painter!

Like their Painting Buddha Academy videos, the Painting Buddha Legends video will be released digitally on Vimeo for you to watch on or download to your favorite device. The video is in English with English subtitles - and more subtitles to follow.

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Release Date: Early-Mid December.
Pre-order price: 21€ (save 4€ on final price).