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Painting Buddha launches Online Academy

Painting Buddha is opening up an Online Academy to help you all be the greatest painters you can be.



From the announcement:

Painting Buddha, producer of some of the best miniature painting instruction videos out there, just launched two new projects!

You want 42 videos, spread over 42 weeks, totalling over 100 hours of competition level painting instructions for free?

Then you might want to enroll in the forever free Painting Buddha Community College we have just launched on Youtube!

If you understand what Painting Buddha is trying to do with this, you are ready for the Painting Buddha Academy.

"All we are offering is a choice. Nothing more."

Blue pill or orange pill?
Gold Brick or Multipass?

To retailers Painting Buddha has the following message: "Our terms of trade will be equally sane. Let's break some rules!"

And everyone else is encouraged to SHARE & ENJOY the madness.