Painted Metzger robot preview

By tgn_admin
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Aug 15th, 2011

MetzgerSpartan Games have posted photos of a painted and based example of the Prussian Metzer Robot for Dystopian Wars.

  • Wow! Really looks great with the scenic base! It delivers a sense of epic scale to an already large mini.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Wow, that makes the model look incredible! Truly epic. Are mecha-heavy forces common in Dystopian Wars, or are they limited availability/support?

    • cybogoblin

      From memory, there are only three mecha units in the game. Both the Prussians and FSA get a robot, while the Rising Sun get a mecha squid.

  • the_duke

    Thats a nice model, and a great paint job. Maybe I need a Prussian fleet after all….

  • lordofexcess

    This range kicks butt and this mini is absolutely awesome. I wish Spartan would do a few things. One is do some 28 MM stuff two is produce more terrain for Dystopian Wars and uncharted and finally I wish they’d do a land game for Uncharted for sure. Maybe they could do a skirmish game in 28 MM to go along with Firestorm. Really though that is my only complaint about Spartan … that they are doing such a good job I just want more more more 🙂