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Painted Britanan Royal Arcanum Guard

Tor Gaming have posted photos of painted samples of the Britanan Royal Arcanum Guard for their Relics fantasy rules. From their announcement:
"The grand scale and infinite potential of King Jorje’s vision of the Britanan Empire was finally realised with the creation of the Royal Arcanum Guard. Originally, each one was hand stitched personally by his majesty himself, it is a passionate indulgence for him and into each he interweaves his own wisdom and cunning and all too abundantly his furious hatred for lesser creatures. The magic that is employed by the King to ignite the spark of life within the Arcanum Guard is an ancient craft known by few; those that are learned in its ways are usually reluctant to harness its power as its effects can cause unpredictable side effects. This is somewhat true in the case of King Jorje, some random element of his spells have left him with the ability to see through the button eyes of his prized creations as if he is there on the battlefield himself, this phenomenon can be a gift or a curse dependant on how active the Royal Arcanum Guard are from day to day, more often than not though, the abundance of visual information that is seen through the Kings eyes is too much to comprehend as the might of the Britanan Empire pushes forward in every possible direction." We have posted painted images of the Britanan Royal Arcanum Guard in the Britanan gallery on the Tor Gaming site. The models will be available in the next day or two, with a price tag of around £4.80 each (inc VAT). Concept by Melvin de Voor, Sculpted by Kevin Kosse and painted by Jim Bowen.