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Metis Media has launched a Kickstarter campaign for two new D&D sourcebooks. They're Empires of the Silk Road and Herald of Rain. The former is the setting guide while the latter is the adventure
When you and your friends head to an Escape Room, you're locked in a room and have to solve various puzzles and uncover clues as to how to get out. But what if you want that from your living room? Wel
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
A tea party at a wealthy socialite's house... If someone wasn't mysteriously murdered, you'd probably think that something had gone wrong. That's certainly where you find yourself in Elevenses: The Gu
October is the spookiest month of the year and Renegade Game Studios is giving you a whole 31 days of some of the spookiest game out there, Vampire: The Masquerade goodness. Starting off, they're runn
Thursday. We're getting ever-closer to the weekend once more. To everyone in Florida, I hope you're safe and have been able to stay dry and sustain little damage. It doesn't look like it's going to ma
Well, in a game of rather disturbing individuals, that's a rather particular disturbing individual we've got here. It's White Eyes and you can get a look at his stats before he makes his ways to your
Autumn is rolling in across the northern hemisphere. The leaves are changing colors and are falling from the trees, creating all sorts of patterns on the forest floor. And it's those patters that you'
Kill Team and 40k exist in the same universe, with many models being taken from one to go in the other. With the release of several specifically Kill Team figures recently, there's been some of those
Traveling with board games can be rough. All those boxes. All those pieces. Or, even if you're at home, if your opponent is across the world, it can be tough to get a game in. But if you're playing yo
If you're looking for an alternate-history WWII game, Konflikt '47 is one of the first to come to mind for me. And for a while now, Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin Games have been working together