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Pacification - 'Season One' of Barking Irons' Firefight 2.0 Campaign

Barking Irons put up the arc for Season One of their Firefight 2.0 campaign. Go check out what they've got in store for the missions this season.

From the update:
Today Barking Irons is spotlighting the epic Firefight 2.0 story arc, Pacification.

Written by Greg Rumbles and set in the Ion Age, Alternative Armies' science fiction setting, Pacification is a series of nine linked missions highlighting the problems suffered by an occupying force in a built up area in time of war.

Each mission also adds to the dynamics of Firefight 2.0 with the inclusion of special rules that can also be used in future games.

Whilst written for Firefight 2.0 the Arc itself, along with the special rules, can easily be adapted to any other science fiction skirmish ruleset.