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P.E.R.K. Horror RPG up on Kickstarter

P.E.R.K., the Pretty Easy Roleplaying Kit, has a Kickstarter up and running to fund a Horror supplement for the system.

PERK Horror


From the campaign:

Right now PERK is already a product you can buy and enjoy but at the moment only the Core Rulebook is available. This is basically all you need to play but we want to give players more options and give Narrators more ideas and tools for their games. This Kickstarter is for a Horror themed setting set in an alternate modern day Earth. Players can play as vampires, werewolves and other traditional horror characters from folklore (and some new original characters that have never been seen before!) as well as human characters that are trying to survive in a dangerous fantasy world. This book contains numerous tools to help narrators create thrilling horror stories in a variety of locations with any combination of character types. Each individual character type has been carefully weighed out so that they have a solid motivation and reason to exist in a story as well as a struggle they must fight to overcome throughout a story arc. We're also including comprehensive tools for building settings and detailing the process we took to create locations and character types so that Narrators can create their own with ease. Though PERK was created with kids in mind, this setting is dark and gritty and is targeted toward a mature audience. The book contains some harsh language as well as some violence and gore as you might expect from a horror game.