Own a piece of SoTR history

Grindhouse Games are hoping to finance their next development venture by selling some of their collection of Secret of the Third Reich miniatures.

From their announcement:

I am needing to raise cash for the next big Grindhouse venture so I am putting a bunch of stuff on the block. Among the items in my game room that I have identified as candidates for new homes in this sharing experience are almost all of the models found in the Secrets of the Third Reich rulebook. As you may or may not know, I modeled and painted about 95% of the stuff in the book and these are those models. Several models have gone to Andy and the lion’s share of the Brits have gone to my dear local fried Oscar but most of what you see in the book in terms of models (and more) is available to a good home.

Rather than doing some big eBay deal I think, for various reasons that this should be done closer to the chest.  I am putting these out in “sets” of models.  Please email me at jim@grindhousegames  with a cash offer if you are interested in owning a piece of history. Highest offer takes the prize. I will respond to all emails and will let this go for one week from the time of this post as noted in the post log. I am willing to entertain payment plans as well.

Check out their forum post for full details.