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Overseers Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I'm generally a fan of bluffing games. And it's not just because I'm good at seeming innocent when I'm actually lying my ass off. ;) I just like hidden-information sorts of games, as well as working to trick my opponents into thinking they're winning when I know that I am (or at least, I'm pretty sure I am). Overseers is one such card game that's up on Kickstarter now.


Players take on the role of Overseers (hence the game's name). They must try and balance between virtues and vices, looking to draft various traits. Meanwhile, you're doing your best to make your opponent think that you're in a much weaker position than you seem. There's bluffing. There's drafting. There's all sorts of manipulation that you can do to work your way towards victory.

The campaign has made it up and over their funding goal and are now working their way through stretch goals. They've got another 29 days on it.