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Overbooked Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

My dad used to work for TWA. As such, we flew all the time, usually going Stnadby. So, if there was room on the plane, we went. If the flight was full, or overbooked, we waited. I saw many flights take off without me on it, but it's no worry. Optimizing flights to be full is good for the companies. And overbooking means that you probably have a full flight. But it also might cause people to get bumped, which certainly will not make them happy. That balance is what you'll be looking to achieve in Overbooked, a new board game coming to Kickstarter later this month.

About the game:

Can a board game help alleviate the turbulence of airline booking?

Overbooked is an interactive strategy puzzle board game that takes a fun and light-hearted approach towards the controversial topic of airline booking.

In this game, players are transported into a world of competitive airline seat managers in which everyone strives to be the most prestigious airline with the most satisfied customers. Seat too many passengers and the aircraft will have unhappy customers; seat too few passengers and lose precious points. Do you have what it takes to be the most prestigious airline?