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Over 50 new Finecast releases from Games Workshop

Games Workshop keeps transitioning older models to their Finecast material and here's over 50 more of them for you.

On Advance Order today is the biggest wave of new Citadel Finecast models since we launched the range of premium quality resin last year. Over 50 new kits are available for you to buy, spanning across all of our systems. Among the many Warhammer 40,000 releases, the Blood Angels receive additions that include The Sanguinor, Mephiston, and Captain Tycho. Eldar miniatures include Prince Yriel and Phoenix Lord Asurmen, and there are shoulder pads and weapons for other armies. For Warhammer, the Bretonnians receive plenty of reinforcements including Bretonnian Grail Knights and the incredible Bretonnian Grail Reliquae. Finally, there are loads of new The Lord of the Ring models including Saruman the White, Ringwraiths, and even Hobbits of the Shire.