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Outlands Free Rulebook Contest Happening Now

Who doesn't like to get free stuff? I know I do. I mean, it's free. What's there to loose? The folks at Shades of Chaos Games are letting you possibly win a copy of their rulebook for Outlands for doing nothing more than liking, commenting, and sharing their contest post over on Facebook.

From the announcement:

Often described as a mixture of Firefly, Borderlands and too much testosterone. OUTLANDS is a fun, fast and brutal skirmish game, with a low (5) model count and quick to learn rules.

To celebrate our next step forward to world domination:- Shades of Chaos Games are giving away 3 printed Rulesbooks. All you have to do is join our Facebook page and follow the instruction on the 'pinned' post. Visit for more details.

OUTLANDS is the unnatural offspring of a drunken sex party involving a Sci-Fi Spaghetti western, every action movie of the last 40 years and two depraved individuals. Using the R.I.S.E (ReActive Intelligent Skirmish Engine), gameplay revolves around an Action/Reaction system that keeps both players in the game. The unrestricited rule system allows YOU to 'Level Up' your characters, whilst training new and exciting skills. You can make your characters the way YOU want. Not forgetting the revolutionary weapon 'Infusion', no two games are the same. Ideally suited for campaign play between a group of friends, the rules allow for one off stand alone games.