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Outer Limit Games Launches Tau Ceti Kickstarter

Space. The final ... umm... place-to-explore-thing... Hey, it's Monday after a convention. Give me a bit. Words are hard sometimes.
Anyway, Outer Limit (man, should've made a reference to that) Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Tau Ceti, their new space-exploration/conquest/civilization building game. Players must expand their race's territory and economy, even as the unseen force of the Planetary Crisis is crushing the economy of entire star systems.

In the Box

During your turn, you can produce resources, buy and sell commodities, upgrade your ship's systems, explore uncharted sectors of the map, seek out knowledge, expand your race's culture and influence, complete missions to earn money, and lots more. There's quite a bit to do in order to keep a whole civilization going.
As time goes on, resources become harder to acquire and the map fills with planets under the influence of your opponent's races. Plus, the economy isn't doing so well, so there's that. Starting strong is the best way to make sure that when the final turn does come, you'll be best-placed to be in control of the Tau Ceti Authority.

The campaign is a little less than 1/3 funded, but still has 29 days left to go on the clock.