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Out of the Box Publishing running Snake Oil - Elixir Kickstarter

Out of the Box Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest party card game, Snake Oil - Elixir.


From the campaign:

SNAKE OIL – Elixir is the hilarious party game that generates more laughter than any other party game of its kind! It is safe to play with families and kids yet edgy when played with just adults. The game has two types of cards called word cards and customer cards. The more cards that are in the game, the more possible product combinations and the more fun that can be created.

Achieving the $10,000 goal will allow us to print the Kickstarter edition of SNAKE OIL – Elixir with 224 unique word cards and 56 unique customers. We would also like to be able to add more cards into the game and we will if we are able to reach the stretch goals.