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Otherworld Miniatures Voucher Purchase Programme

Otherworld Miniatures is running their Voucher Purchase Programme again for a limited time. From their announcement:
Earlier this year, I ran a Voucher Purchase Programme. This allowed my customers to buy credit vouchers for £50, £100 or £200, which could be redeemed for Otherworld Miniatures to the value of £65, £140 and £300 respectively over the course of 2011. A lot of you took advantage of the offer before it expired at the beginning of February, but I have recently had several emails or messages from people asking if they can still purchase vouchers. Either they didn't know about to scheme in January, couldn't afford a voucher right after Christmas, or they have already spent their vouchers and would like another. So, I've decided to reopen the voucher programme for a limited time, probably until the end of March. Please visit the Otherworld Miniatures webstore if you would like to take advantage of this great offer, or just to see more info.