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Otherworld Miniatures Early Summer Sale

Otherworld Miniatures is having an Early Summer Sale. Drow greens From their announcement:
Well, it's that time of year again, and I can't pretend that business has exactly been booming in recent weeks! So, I've decided to make an effort to stimulate a bit of cashflow by holding another Early Summer Sale. The format is pretty much similar to previous years, in that the prices of all miniatures have been reduced by 20% (including the new stuff in the 'Coming Soon' section). Shipping continues to be free of charge worldwide on orders of £75 or more. This year there is a special bonus for any customers who currently hold voucher credit from the Voucher Purchase Programme. If you decide to hold on to your credit for later in the year, and use some good old-fashioned cash for a purchase, you will receive a pack of 4 unreleased Large Spiders (these are different sculpts to the current WE11a pack). If you do this, please drop me a note to ask for the spiders. Please take a look at the Webstore to see the reduced prices. Please note that you may have to refresh your browser or delete your cache to see the new prices.