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Otherworld Miniatures 8th Birthday Sale

Otherworld Miniatures is celebrating 8 years of business. They all grow up so fast. They're having a special in their webshop.

Otherworld Miniatures


From the birthday company:

At the end of September 2006, I took delivery of a marvellous piece of sculpting work from Paul Muller. I had planned to paint it, and keep it myself as a part of my gaming collection. I was so pleased with it, that I posted some photos on the Dwarven Forge website, and I was inundated with requests to buy a casting. That sculpt was our best-selling Demon Idol, and so began Otherworld Miniatures.

So, here we are, 8 years later! As has become customary, we’re celebrating our birthday with a sale. This year it’s a bit different, and we’ve decided to carry out a bit of an experiment into the power of Facebook. We won’t be posting this information anywhere else – we’d like you to help spread the word. From now until 11th October, anyone placing an order through our web-store can enter the coupon code ‘8thbirthday’. This will get you a 20% discount on all your purchases (with the exception of our Gold, Silver & Bronze Vouchers, and anything else which is already on sale).

We’d like to ask that anyone placing an order using the ‘8thbirthday’ code adds a comment to say where they heard about. When the sale is over, we will carry out some detective work and collate the results, and we will award some prizes to whoever has been particularly successful in spreading the word. So, please share this elsewhere on Facebook, post it on your favourite forum, blog it, email it, tweet it, pass it round the games club, or just tell your friends next time you meet up for a game.

Best birthday wishes from everyone at Otherworld Miniatures!