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Other Borders RPG Now Available

In the American Southwest, there's lots of different borders. Of course you've got the one between the United States and Mexico, what with its occasional guard towers and fences, but mostly open land. But you've got other borders as well. Tags on buildings will denote borders between different gang-run areas or where the various drug cartels hold sway. Or maybe there's the brick walls and iron fences of gated communities. However, for those with a special gift, another boarder is plainly visible. That is the border between the real and the spirit worlds. That's the story behind Other Borders, a new modern RPG available by As If Publishing.

The game uses the DramaSystem, though tweaked a bit using the Apocalypse World engine. Though the release doesn't require any other purchases (it's all right there in the one book. So all you need extra is some dice and a couple players). How well will you be able to navigate through a world of law enforcement, drug cartels, and ancient magic making its mark on the world again?