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Ostfront WWII Rulebook Now Available

Ostfront Publishing is happy to announce the release of Ostfront, their combined arms WWII game rulebook. The game's designed so you can set up and play company to battalion-level games quickly and easily (and historically accurately, which any good historical wargamer wants). Bases for infantry figures count as 10-25 men (depending on the scale you pick and unit in question).

Currently, there are army lists for the Wehrmacht, Soviet, British, U.S., Imperial Japanese, and the Royal Italian Army. The lists include infantry, light vehicles, field guns, armored vehicles, and tanks. There's stats to show the steady evolution of arms and equipment over the course of the war, too, so you can choose which era you want to fight in. There's even rules for rare and restricted units, based on how many were actually produced during the war.

Feel free to order your .pdf copy today.