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Ostfront Releases Gladus Hereticus Solo RPG

Sometimes, all your gaming buddies are busy. Or you're stuck at home because of something and you can't get out to game. Whatever the reason, you're alone and you want to get your game on. That's where solo games come in. And Ostfront has released Gladus Hereticus, a new solo RPG that takes you through a destroyed city, looking to make things right again.

From the post:

Gladus Hereticus is a lite solo dungeon crawler (city crawler really...), using a pack of regular playing cards to generate areas, encounters, loot and for resolving attacks and checks.

Work your way through a destroyed city and attempt to survive long enough to assemble the device that could reverse the fate of this place. Level up, gather equipment and fight off the horrific inhabitants of the Smoldering City. Once you feel you are strong enough, venture into the Necropolis beneath the city - who knows what foul and terrifying creatures will be down there...

Gladus Hereticus is a roguelike: highly lethal, randomized and with no roleplaying but plenty of combat. Be prepared to make tough decisions, and to meet death's sweet embrace more often than you would like.