Osprey to publish Zombie Hunting Guide

Zombie Hunting GuideOsprey Publishing have posted details of their upcoming Zombie Hunting Guide.

From their announcement:
The dead have always walked among us, from the shambling corpses of Eastern European folklore to the drug-created zombie of Haitian voodoo. Now, in the post-atomic age, advanced science and globalization have increased the threat a thousandfold. Since World War II, the number of zombie outbreaks has increased every year, while governments desperately try to cover up the facts…

It is in light of this startling new trend that Osprey Publishing, world-renowned publisher of illustrated history titles, has turned its attention to the problem of battling the undead. Expert author Joseph McCullough sheds light on this horrifying subject, detailing the historical origins of the zombies that walk the earth, and following their history through to the threat they pose today.

Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide is the first in Osprey’s newest imprint, appropriately named Dark Osprey, which aims to bring a new variety of Osprey series books to the masses.

While no other titles have yet been named in the series (though several have been suggested, including Cthulhu), Dark Osprey aims to provide gamers and pop culture fans a reference title filled with Osprey’s trademark elements—finely researched text, detailed analysis, full-color illustrations, uniforms, weaponry, battlefield kit, and comprehensive maps.

Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide will be released in October… just in time for Halloween, and the rise of the undead. Samples will be available at Origins 2010.