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Osprey Publishing Establishes Games Division

Osprey Publishing is expanding their ranks to have a dedicated Games Division in order to more-efficiently bring new games (as well as expansions to current games) to market.


From the announcement:

Osprey Publishing is expanding its product list with the creation of a dedicated games division. Osprey Games will follow the great successes enjoyed by the company’s miniature wargaming lines with new products, and will also expand to include board and card games, allowing Osprey both to strengthen and diversify its position in these thriving niche sectors.

With the 2008 release of Field of Glory in collaboration with Slitherine Strategies Ltd, Osprey Publishing began to focus specifically on a hobby with which it had always had a very close relationship – miniatures wargaming. While Osprey books had long provided guides for figure painters, scenario writers and wargamers of all stripes, Field of Glory was the first product specifically created for this audience. Hot on the heels of this incredibly successful release came other projects, including the Force on Force modern rules (with Ambush Alley Games) and Renaissance and Napoleonic versions of the Field of Glory rules. More recently, the Bolt Action World War II rules (with Warlord Games) and the Osprey Wargames series of smaller rulebooks have established Osprey as one of the foremost publishers of wargaming rules.

Long-time gamer and Games Manager for the new Osprey Games division, Philip Smith, said:

‘Osprey and wargaming have always been the proverbial “two great tastes that taste great together”, and the growing range of wargaming products has met with a fantastic reception from gamers. The creation of Osprey Games means that gaming is going to be getting a lot more attention, and I’ve already got some very exciting projects on the drawing board.’

In addition to expanding the existing wargaming lines, Osprey Games is also going to develop board and card games, applying Osprey’s reputation for high-quality artwork to a whole new market, and is set to start recruiting for a Games Developer to manage this side of the division. The board and card game hobby has become increasingly popular in recent years, and, much like wargaming, can be seen as a natural extension of Osprey’s publishing pedigree.

Richard Sullivan, Osprey Publishing’s Managing Director, said:

‘We are very excited about this opportunity to grow our business into another exciting niche where we can provide top-quality product for our customers, old and new alike. Our experience with wargaming rules, our in-house capabilities and some canny recruitment will ensure we’ll be bringing out some great games in the near future.’

For further details, contact:

Philip Smith, 01865 811310

About Osprey Publishing
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