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Osprey Games Posts Gen Con Plans

Osprey Games is one of the hundreds of vendors that'll be here in Indy this week for Gen Con. They're going to have some new pre-releases available at their booth, as well as a chance to meet some of the game designers. Check it out.

The Eagerly Anticipated Update to Martin Wallace's Classic Game

This new edition features a brand-new map and revised rules specifically designed for two players. Grow your city through the decades, as you vie to become an icon of London.

Samurai Gardener is a quick, fun game of snatching the best cards as fast as you can, then carefully deciding how to add them to your garden to make it the most pleasing to the Emperor.

A new series in the bestselling skirmish wargaming world of Frostgrave. Fight your opponents to claim the Ghost Archipelago's treasure and magic on this mysterious island chain filled with the legacies of ancient civilizations, deadly beasts, and riches beyond reckoning.

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