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Orkhorde, a new game up on Startnext

Roachware, a German game-review blog, is starting their own game called Orkhorde. They've got their funding project up on Startnext and would sure be glad if you'd go and check it out and possibly help if you can.

Orkhorde is to be a card game based on an orc horde, suitable for 3-6 players. And yes, we mean card game, and not trading card game or customizable card game. The one box is everything you need.

Wach player leads a tribe in the bogger horde, with the aim to lead his own tribe to prominence. TGo do so, one has to make sure that one's tribemembers ged fed, a task that can be worked on within the horde. Butr one also has to collect trophies, for these decide in the end, how prominent and succesful a tribe is.You gain food and trophies through hunting, but also through big raids in which all tribes can participate. Also, the rank of an orc within the horde has some influence upon the final ranking.Therefore, you have to cooperate in order to make, e.g., the raids succesful. Still, you have to keep ypur own tribe's well-being in mind whenever you decide what to do.