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Orcs in the Webbe posts new Pax Bochemannica scenario

Orcs in the Webbe gives you more ways to play with a new scenario they've posted up for Pax Bochemannica.


From the announcement:

Heya Folks!

As this wet and gloomy Friday the 13th trundles by I thought what would cheer up purveyours of this fine gaming news site. How's about a brand new scenario for Pax Bochemannica!

In "Parley Vous Boche" Tony Harwood embraces the tongue in cheek nature of the game and brings us a cracking little scenario introducing some new characters for Pax Boche that might be making one or two more appearances on OITW over the coming months.

But that game is no longer available I hear you cry! Well, it is. I've just spoken to Caliver Books/MiniFigs in the UK and not only do they sell the miniatures but the rules as well. It's available as just the rulebook if you have the minis as well as the boxed set if you've not yet got any minis.

Keep the Flag Flying (and your Noman Eagle high)!