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Orcs in the Webbe posts more new scenarios up online

Orcs in the Webbe continues their Advent Calendar scenario posts with some more scenarios up on their website.


From the update:

Heya Folks!

As we progress through the final days of the Orcs in the Webbe 2013 Advent Calendar we've still got some cracking surprises in store so remember to check back daily for a free bit of gaming goodness!!!

Yesterday saw a return to The Land - Wessex Games' alternate World War I/II setting for it's Panzerfäuste wargame. In the deserts of Umbongodwongoland the Khâllazdurin Dwarf Entwickler's superiors have found the legendary Casket of Souls and are planning to open it to reap its dark rewards. Luckily the brave Orc Captain Pipsy Pipworthy is there to stop him. Will the Halfelin deserter Chaka Took help or hinder the Orcs as they fight to stop the Dwarves.

And today sees a fond farewell in the last of Orcs in the Webbe's Llednevir Chronicles. In the fifth and final Chronicle, the survivors face a final challenge, to pass through the ruined streets of Tarrwen Harbour one last time and escape to the Taffsea countryside. However, both the forces of Albion and Armorica have sent teams to discover the power behind what happened in the small once proud town...

"Llednevir Am Bith" by CJ Hooper

Keep the Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
Orcs in the Webbe