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Orcs in the Webbe posts Classic Black Powder Scenario Now Online

Orcs in the Webbe put up another Black Powder scenario up for Flintloque on the website.

From the release:

Heya Folks!

Orcs in the Webbe continues it's 2013 release schedule with a classic Flintloque adventure by none other than one of the games creators, Steve Blease.

In 'Over the Hills and Far Away' Goblin Caçadores must get to the safety of the allied Orc lines harried by Dark Elf Inquisition forces seeking to reclaim a stolen religious treasure. Both parties aware that Mordred's elite Elven Voltiguers are also seeking to claim the icon in their Emperor's name...

As with all OITW's classic releases, the scenario has been edited and annotated allowing you to play it using Alternative Armies' Flintloque 3rd Edition ruleset.