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Orcs in the Webbe brings you rules to add Foul Creatures in your Wargames

Orcs in the Webbe has added some new gaming charts online to help you bring some Foul Creatures to your minis gaming table.

From the update:

Heya Folks!

Orcs in the Webbe is proud to present, for the benefit of several audiences, the classic article Wilde Thinges by Matthew Hartley.

The untamed wilds of Valon are the realm of many dangerous creatures. Now, wild beasts which survived the annulment of Magicke can waylay travellers, slaughter livestock, and make off with the young and the old with these rules for Foul Creatures in your wargames.

Presented with Alternative Armies' Flintloque in mind, the reaction tables lend themselves to any wargame - Fancy seeing a Chimera go up against your Legionnaires? A Jabberwock take on a squad of commandos? Then give these rules a go.

And if you're eager to give them a whirl why not try the 'dungeon crawl' scenario, "Hope". Discover the history of the cosmopolitan town of Hope and what exactly drew the Paleodracologists Koop & Mursh there.

Keep the Flag Flying!