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Orcs burst into the Kingdom

Scotia Grendel has their new Stygian Orc minis available over in their webshop.


From the release:

As I promised, this month we take a look at Orcs. Five packs of Greenskins are on offer, first pack GFR0005 - Greater Orcs with Hand Weapons II, now available also in a Regiment pack which includes 15 miniatures with command. Another three packs are Stygian Orcs with Hand Weapons (GFR0036, GFR0037, GFR0038), the last one is Stygian Orc Command (GFR0039), and like previous packs they are also available in a Regiment Pack (15 miniatures including command).

What's next? Of course another five packs from our GFR Range, we will stay with the Orc theme. There will be also new releases for our 1/300 scale models..... so stay tuned.