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OrcQuest WarPath Board Game Up On Kickstarter

I know I go on and on about being a polar bear, but before that, and still deep down inside, I'm a greenskin. Being orcy is just who I am. So, when I see a new board game featuring orcs not as the bad guys, but as the crew you put on the table? I'm instantly interested. And that's just what you've got in OrcQuest WarPath, a new cooperative dungeoncrawl board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Gather around orcs. The times of being servants to the evil Lords is finished. We are no longer the punchbags of adventurers looking to become heroes. War is coming, and this time, it is humans who bring it to us. It is our turn to go on an adventure, spread mayhem and return as heroes! - Gorbag the Ancient.

Orcquest Warpath is a co-operative board game from 1-4 players. You command a greenskin band who departs on an adventure through the lands and dungeons of their worst enemies, the humans. As with every time, unexpected events and some good brawls are on the menu for orcs.

Orcquest Warpath is a co-operative dungeon crawler. There is no Dungeon Master - who would want to be one anyway, specially when you get to be an Orc!

You command an orc band who is about to live some fantastic adventures. These adventures will take place in the form of single scenarios or a campaign mode, where you will get to enhance your characters and make them stronger as you go.

The Kickstarter is closing in on 2x funded with still 22 days left to go.