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Orc Stabr RPG Up On Kickstarter

RPGs tend to have a lot of moving parts to them. Characters, classes, races, equipment, monsters, and on and on and on. RPG books tend to be some of the bigger game books that we've got on our shelves. Well, Orc Stabr is the opposite of that. It's 1 page. This fantasy RPG where you play an Orc (and you go stab things) is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Hello! My name is Limm Ghomizar, and I have invented an RPG just for orcs or people that want to pretend to be orcs. It's called Orc Stabr! It's fun and fighty and fits on one page coz orcs can't read good! I'm a clever orc so the rules are really good for Orcin'!

I have been playing early versions and drafts with my orc friends for a while and I wanna make it good and proper and send it to other orcs who want to play so I needs some more gold to make it happen. That's where you come in!

When the project is done, I'll also post the full rules PDF online so everyone can play Orc Stabr!

The campaign's more than 20x funded with still 29 days left to go.