Orc second wave from LaserCutCard now available

LaserCutCard gives your greenskins a place to get in out of the rain with the release of their next wave of Orc-themed terrain and accessories.


From the release:

LaserCutCard has added to their orc range this week with two new products and two bundle deals.

Orc Mekshop – $9.95
To create the correct items of mayhem a mek needs his own space. Give him his own space will yerz?

Heavy Machine Guns – $2.60
When that little bit of extra firepower is needed, we have this to offer. One single and one twin-linked heavy machine gun, modeled on the .303 Browning heavy machine gun .

Orc Settlement Starter – $22.00
Save 15%! Start off your orc settlement with this starter bundle.
This set features one small and one large watchtower, one boss hut and three shacks.

Orc Settlement Expansion 1 – $23.00
Save 15%! 6 shacks and a mek shop – time to start growing!