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Orc Halftrack with flamer released + a competition from Kromlech

Kromlech now has their Orc Halftrack with flamer available over in their webstore. Also, they're running a competition over on their Facebook fanpage.

From the update:

So some of you might remember, that we have hit 1000 likes on Facebook not so long ago. We have then promised to celebrate ths fact.
As you have also hopefully noticed, we enjoy giving our stuff away to our fans.
But first things first!
We have received a lot of feedback regarding our Orc Buggy released 10 months ago. The general consensus was that you have really enojoyed it, but would like to see some mods done to it. Trying to always please you guys, we have have decided to make the second (but not last) version of it. As you see, it is based on the same chasis, but with generous tuning and pimping done to the weapons, rear suspention and little bits and bobs here and there. Our best orc mechanics were working on this beast and we can finally announce, our new Orc Halftrack with flamer is released!

It was designed by Mateusz Gajos and painted by Edwin Smolinski.

Now, back to the giving away part. We really respect our facebook fanbase and always appreciate your input into what we do. As the magical number of 1000 fans has now been exceeded, we would simply like to thank you and express our gratitude in a more... hm... solid way. Therefore, you have the chance to win the mentioned above Orc Halftrack with flamer.
What do you need to do? Simple! Like our fanpage if you have not done it already ( and like the photo of the Halftrack. That's it. In two weeks time, from among the likes of the photo, we will randomly select one person, who will receive the model. As a bonus, we will also give our Orc Comissar to five other randomly chosen people who were not lucky enough to get the main prize!

Hope you enjoy the model, as we are very excited about it.