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Orassin Previewed For Star Trek Attack Wing

Wave 27 of Star Trek Attack Wing will be coming out this November. We've seen a couple repainted versions of previous ships that will be coming out. But here's a new vessel that you can use to boldly go. It's the Orassin, a Xindi-Insectoid ship.

The Xindi are a highly-offensive race. They will attack anyone they deem a threat. This plays out on their ship by letting you change hits into critical hits. Their captain in the set will also add offensive power, causing your opponent to forego on of their evades. More offense comes in the form of their pulse cannon, which can fire twice in a round at the same target (with slightly modified dice for both ships involved). The Xindi are also quick to repopulate. Their Hatchery upgrade can help you trade out for other upgrades mid-battle when one is discarded.