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Orange County Gaming Group relaunches Realmsound Project, funds in 1 day

Orange County Gaming Group revamped their Realmsound Project and relaunched over on Kickstarter. They've already more-than-funded on just the first day, so it's stretch goals for the next 40.

From the campaign:

Hey gamers OCGG is back and we have some very exciting news, our Realmsound Kickstarter Project 2.0 is underway!! This time, however, we have re-tooled our project and have been funded in just 1 day, can you believe that! It's all thanks to YOU that we made it this far. Now we are going for the gold and asking you to help us make more gaming history by helping us bring even MORE fantastic custom audio to table-top gaming. Visit our link and donate whatever you can so we can breathe life back into our favorite past time.