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Oracle of Delphi unlocked in WarGods Kickstarter

Crocodile Games passed the funding goal to unlock the Oracle of Delphi in their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter campaign.

From the announcement:

The Oracle of Delphi miniature has now been unlocked in the WarGods Kickstarter! This free miniature has been added to the following reward levels -- Council of the Gods, Skirmish, Warband, Army, and any reward that includes any of these listed (i.e. Council of the Gods UK, Olympian, etc). So if you have chosen any of these rewards, your reward just got better!

At last your warband arrives at Delphi, and you ask the Oracle what is needed to defeat your enemies. Her answer is mysterious: "Only with arms of bronze and fiery hearts can you defeat the stallion-breaking sons of Troy. Yet with either victory or defeat, journey home will take you through lands from whence no mortal has ever returned."

What does it mean? Help us get to our next goals, and we shall see if the words of the Oracle come true. Next stop - Athens!

-- Chris & Debs