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Option Add-Ons Added to Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter

Well, that was quite a 24 hours for the start of the Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter campaign. The campaign funded in about 5min. It possibly would've been sooner, but Kickstarter stalled out briefly right at launch (seems that CMON Kickstarters have that sort of effect). This, of course, then meant that stretch goals were being broken even by the time the first actual update was posted. Well, now it's time to go through some more as a whole bunch of add-ons have been added.

These Add-Ons are primarily focused on getting anyone that's not up-to-date with their Arcadia Quest purchases caught up. So if you weren't in on the original campaign, or haven't picked it up at your LGS or online, or haven't gotten some of the heroes that've been put on sale since that campaign, or some of the ancillary pieces, now's your chance to add them to your Arcadia Quest: Inferno pledge at a savings from MSRP.

21 days left to go in the campaign.