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Ophir by Terra Nova Games up on Kickstarter

Terra Nova Games is running a Kickstarter for Ophir, their new resource management board game.
They're about halfway to their funding goal with still 13 days left on the clock.



From the campaign:

Ophir is a pick up and deliver, set collection, resource management game set in an ancient, prosperous world for 2-4 players. In Ophir, you're an influential merchant of government, trade, or religion with a singular focus - the construction of the Temple.

The Temple is built layer by layer through collective contributions of Silver and Gold. These precious metals are delivered by your merchant ship for Victory Points at the Temple, one of the seven locations you'll be visiting in Ophir.

To afford these precious building materials, you must navigate the region's seas against your clever rivals to collect Goods. You must then decide whether to fulfill the demand at the Market for Coin, or exchange the goods for Favor with the Temple.