Operation Klondike art preview

Catalyst Game Labs have posted a preview of some of the art in the upcoming Operation Klondike sourcebook for BattleTech.

From their website:

I love good, evocative text. I love good game mechanics, especially when it’s not something I’ve really seen before and pushes me both as a player (to figure out how to win through a cool mechanic) and a designer (to figure out how they developed such a great, unusual mechanic). But of all of them, I may love art the most.

Why am I going on and on about this? Well, because art is flowing in fast and furious for Historical: Operation Klondike as we prepare to turn it over for layout. I’ve posted three art previews to the Historical: Operation Klondike page (thanks Patrick!) for you all to enjoy.

Check out the BattleBlog post for more details.