Operation: Drop Bears Dive! eBook available now

Dream Pod 9 are now selling copies of their Operation: Drop Bears Dive! eBook.

Crazy Eights Special

From their website:

Our first Exclusive eBook Only Release entitled Operation: Drop Bears Dive! (DP9-9175, 63 full color pages including cover and backcover, $15.00 USD) is now available to order, click here for a direct link to its ordering page. We think you will all enjoy the latest addition to the Heavy Gear Universe with tons of new artwork, miniature pictures with special effects added and great short stories.

Also, we are happy to announce the Crazy Eights Special on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

To celebrate the release of the Operation: Drop Bears Dive! eBook we have put 8 of the vehicles you’ll need to build your own Crazy Eights force on sale (8% off regular price). The products included in this sale are the North Koala Two Pack, North Dingo Two Pack, North Jaguar Two Pack, North Cheetah Paratrooper Two Pack, North Hunter Paratrooper Two Pack, North Hunter Commando Two Pack, North Antelope Jeep Squad Pack and Black Talon Dark Kodiak Pack. The Crazy Eights Special will end midnight, July 15th, 2010.