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Opening for Scandinavian Salesperson At Warlord Games

Warlord Games is looking to get new sleeper agents across the world, looking to place their pieces before they STRIKE, bringing all the world's governments to their knees and... oh... uh. That's the part I'm not supposed to type.
Warlord Games is looking for a new salesperson to cover the Scandinavian part of the world, bringing their lines of gaming products to stores in that area.
Hey Henrix! If you're tired of jumping counters, maybe you could send in a resume!

As a salesperson, it'll be your duty to bring in new accounts for Warlord Games products. So getting it into new stores, as well as expanding contact with stores that might already stock it. This is an entry-level position, so previous sales experience is not required. This could be your chance to get more involved in the world of gaming that we all love so much (or, at least I assume you love gaming. Otherwise, this isn't really the website for you).