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Open The Green Box At Arc Dream Publishing Booth at Gen Con

Companies often run special promos at their booth during big shows, and Gen Con is certainly a big show. As such, Arc Dream Publishing is going to be running their Open the Green Box promotion. People will be able to sign up ath Booth 623 to be able to open up the box and win a prize. What's in the box? (What's in the boooooooooox!?!?!) Nobody but the folks at Arc Dream Publishing know.

Of course, you'll also be able to try out various games at the booth. You'll also get to see new products they're working on, such as the Puppetland RPG. They'll also have their new Need to Know and Agent's Handbook.

Away from the booth, they'll also have special events running. Want to learn how to best use your new books? There'll be sessions with the game's creators.
There'll certainly be plenty to do and see at the show next week.