OP4S/BETA sci-fi rules now available

Brent Spivey Creations is now selling a beta copy of their OP4S sic-fi rules.

From their website:

This product serves as a BETA and pre-order combined. Whatever price you buy the PDF at, you will then receive all electronic updates [including the final version] for FREE! Additionally_ those who participate in the BETA will receive credits in the final edition. But wait, there’s more! All who purchase the PDF before the final edition will receive 50% off the print edition.

OP4S [Opposing Force] is a game that seeks to take the disconnects that currently exist between video and tabletop games and marry the disparate elements on the tabletop.

The [RTS] Game Engine
The RTS game engine allows you to emulate real time strategies, tactics games, and even first person shooters through the use of resources, tactical + strategic objectives, and the Overdrive mechanic.

The Force
The Force is a list of over 25 individual unit+model types that can be further modified through the use of Command Doctrines and TECHS. These include_ Infanry Squads, Weapon Teams, Scout+Recon Vehicles, Dedicated Ground Transports, LAV, Powered Armor+EXO Suits, MECHA+Walkers, TANKs, AIR units, + Emplacements.